Opera Warhorses: Rising Stars features MTS

Michael Todd was featured on Opera Warhorses.  Here’s a snippet of the interview:

Wm: You are from Gastonia, North Carolina. Are you from a family with deep North Carolina roots?

MTS: Our entire family, including aunts and uncles, grew up on the same road. My great grandfather lived a mile down the road from us. We lived in a small town where we saw each other every day. We had a much different upbringing than most Americans experience.

My wife and family live in Seattle, and I’m afraid, though, that I don’t get home to North Carolina as much as I’d like.  

Wm: What are your earliest memories of music, and of singing? 
MTS: My earliest memories of singing were as a five-year old in our local Baptist church. My dad would put me on a chair behind the pulpit so I could reach the microphone. Singing was always something that was fun for me as a child.

I would sing in church and at school at any opportunity. It was always something that brought people around me joy.